Fully hosted redis on AWS and GCP

Launch and forget high-availability Redis clusters on CCX with expert features.

Redis as a service features

The features you need to seamlessly and confidently integrate Redis into your workflows


Virtual private cloud (VPC) peering


High availability Sentinel clusters


HAProxy load balancing





  Dedicated VMs CPUs p/VM RAM p/VM Hourly price Monthly price
Small 1 2 8GB $0.30 $217
  3     $0.90 $651
Medium 1 4 16GB $0.52 $380
  3     $1.56 $1140
Large 1 8 32GB $0.97 $706
  3     $2.91 $2118
X-Large 1 16 64GB $1.84 $1339
  3     $5.52 $4017
2X-Large 1 32 128GB $3.65 $2661
  3     $10.95 $7983

*Pricing is hourly, and based on instance specifications plus variable storage, data egress, and IOPs fees.

Why Severalnines?

Solid foundation

CCX is built on top of our AI-driven database automation platform, ClusterControl with over 10 years in the marketplace.

Modern architecture

CCX’s service-oriented architecture and Kubernetes-based control plane ensures performance and scalability.

Focused on security

Dedicated virtual machines End-to-end encryption Firewalls, whitelists VPC peering

Expert support

Our expert support team works hand-in-hand with our platform to ensure that your databases remain up and running.


We currently support Redis 6

Redis Sentinel is the high availability solution for Redis, monitoring node health and providing automatic failover.

We guarantee a minimum SLA of at least 99.98%. Visit our SLA page for more details, e.g. reimbursement schedules, exclusions, etc.

All S9s deployments are monitored and managed by our platform ​​24x7. All accounts also come with standard support, which can be upgraded to premium. Visit this page for more information.


Get your fully-managed, highly-available Redis cluster today from CCX

With our battle-tested, AI-driven automation platform at its heart, CCX has been built for purpose using the latest cloud-native frameworks and architecture. This means you can launch your managed Redis clusters in AWS and GCP with ease and complete confidence.