Fully managed and hosted PostgreSQL on AWS and GCP

Launch and forget high-availability PostgreSQL clusters on CCX with expert features

Postgres as a service features

The features you need to seamlessly and confidently integrate Postgres into your workflows.


Virtual private cloud (VPC) peering


Point in time
recovery (PITR)


HAProxy load balancing





  Dedicated VMs CPUs p/VM RAM p/VM Hourly price Monthly price
Small 1 2 8GB $0.30 $217
  3     $0.90 $651
Medium 1 4 16GB $0.52 $380
  3     $1.56 $1140
Large 1 8 32GB $0.97 $706
  3     $2.91 $2118
X-Large 1 16 64GB $1.84 $1339
  3     $5.52 $4017
2X-Large 1 32 128GB $3.65 $2661
  3     $10.95 $7983

*Pricing is hourly, and based on instance specifications plus variable storage, data egress, and IOPs fees.

Why Severalnines?

Solid foundation

CCX is built on top of our AI-driven database automation platform, ClusterControl with over 10 years in the marketplace.

Modern architecture

CCX’s service-oriented architecture and Kubernetes-based control plane ensures performance and scalability.

Focused on security

Dedicated virtual machines End-to-end encryption Firewalls, whitelists VPC peering

Expert support

Our expert support team works hand-in-hand with our platform to ensure that your databases remain up and running.


We currently support PostgreSQL 13

We guarantee a minimum SLA of at least 99.98%. Visit our SLA page for more details, e.g. reimbursement schedules, exclusions, etc.

All S9s deployments are monitored and managed by our platform ​​24x7. All accounts also come with standard support, which can be upgraded to premium. Visit this page for more information.


CCX DBaaS for Fully Managed, Highly Available, Open Source Clustered Databases

With CCX everything is taken care of; CCX DBaaS enables users to deploy and access managed, secured, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database clusters and supports preconfigured, highly available deployments for MySQL & MariaDB using the powerful multi-master technology of Galera Cluster