CCX Enterprise DBaaS Features

Multi-Master Technology for MySQL & MariaDB 

CCX provides true multi-master Galera clustering for highly available deployments of MySQL & MariaDB. Features include multiple writable masters, strongly consistent data across servers, seamless scaling and fast failover.

PostgreSQL Streaming Replication  

PostgreSQL in CCX supports streaming replication, which continuously transfers data between nodes to keep them current in real time.

ProxySQL- DB Aware Proxy for MySQL & MariaDB  

ProxySQL provides advanced traffic management by default with your MySQL and MariaDB Clusters. It routes queries on-demand, separating write-traffic from read-traffic, optimizes connection handling, enables throttling, and more.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering  

Connect CCX managed database clusters on AWS with your AWS private network without going through the public internet.

Automated Failover  

CCX automatically detects node anomalies and failures and, when they occur, switches to a known good node in the deployment.

Automated Backup Management  

With full database backups taken daily and incremental backups every 5 minutes, you always have your data available should something go wrong.

Query Analytics  

CCX query analytics allow you to look under the hood of your database transactions to gain insights on queries that may be causing performance issues.

User Management  

CCX service includes database user management, allowing you to manage users, access privileges and firewalls for each datastore.


CCX DBaaS for Fully Managed, Highly Available, Open Source Clustered Databases

With CCX everything is taken care of; CCX DBaaS enables users to deploy and access managed, secured, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database clusters and supports preconfigured, highly available deployments for MySQL & MariaDB using the powerful multi-master technology of Galera Cluster.