CCX DBaaS Help & FAQ

CCX is Database as a Service (DBaaS) augmented by ClusterControl’s intelligent automation that provides users with point and click deployment of highly available databases for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL, alleviating the burden of managing highly performant and available databases in the cloud.

General Questions

CCX is a Database as a Service (DBaaS) built on the capabilities of ClusterControl that enables users to deploy and access managed, secured, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database clusters.

CCX offers preconfigured and highly available deployments for MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL without complex deployment scripts, manual configuration, or multiple tools for monitoring, backup management, and other maintenance tasks. CCX gives you better insight into managed database clusters’ operational status and offers more advanced traffic control than most other vendors.

MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

ClusterControl provides the ability to fully manage your databases on your own hardware, while CCX is a database service that is fully managed by Severalnines.

Currently we work on AWS with 5 regions including Stockholm, Paris, London, Ireland and Frankfurt for you to select. We will have more coming soon.

We currently limit the number of clusters that can be deployed by new users. Please contact us if you would like to deploy more clusters.

Support Plans

There are two support tiers - Standard and Premium. Please see the support page for details

Every CCX production deployment comes with an industry-leading SLA and 24/7 expert global support. Our support team proactively monitors deployments to ensure both uptime and performance.

Database clusters can be deployed across multiple Availability Zones. If a database is corrupted or lost, CCX provides access to hourly and daily backups that can be easily restored with a couple of clicks. Each CCX deployment has automated failover enabled to reduce downtime caused by outages. If the servers experience downtime, our support team will monitor the system and provide updates to alert when the hardware is functioning again.

Security and Compliance

We follow security and compliance best practices outlined by cloud security and compliance standards that have been adopted by major cloud providers. CCX provides advanced encryption to keep data secure and organizations compliant with data protection laws and regulations.

CCX offers advanced database user management functionality to ensure that authorized users can access databases and the data within. The advanced firewall rules keep network threats at bay and data secure. CCX encrypts the communications between the client and the server using advanced encryption technology to ensure no one is tapping into the data stream.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation concerning data security and privacy. CCX is compliant with GDPR, please contact d[email protected] to request the CCX Privacy Policy

Pricing and Billing

CCX pricing is consumption-based. You pay by the hour for only what you use. Pricing components are the number of server vCPUs and associated RAM, the amount of storage consumed, and data egress type (outbound or between AZs) and amount.

Yes. CCX is more cost-efficient than other large DBaaS vendors despite providing a depth of insight and control, Galera multi-master clustering and ProxySQL-based traffic management (for MySQL technologies) that the large DBaaS vendors lack.

No, use of those technologies is included in the overall database instance price.

No. There’s no upfront commitment and no minimum period of service required, You pay only for what you use.

We do not offer a trial period at present, though we do offer vouchers for trial customers. You can always reach us at sa[email protected] with any billing or subscription inquiries.

Billing is monthly, and paid in arrears, i.e., you pay only for what you’ve already used.

Yes, AWS charges for traffic between AZs, whether they are within the same region, or are in different regions. This cost is passed on to the customer.

CCX rounds up periods of less than an hour and charges the hourly instance price. Therefore, you would be charged for 2 hours of usage.


CCX DBaaS for Fully Managed, Highly Available, Open Source Clustered Databases

Moving a database infrastructure from an on-prem data center to the cloud is a big hurdle, especially if tasked with building and maintaining it yourself. With CCX, everything is taken care of; CCX enables users to deploy and access managed, secured, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL database clusters and supports preconfigured, highly available deployments for MySQL & MariaDB using the powerful multi-master technology of Galera Cluster.