Fully Managed, Clustered Databases Built for High Availability

Managing a complex, clustered database environment is a time-consuming and often daunting task. CCX database as a service built on the power of ClusterControl can take care of everything, leaving you with just highly available and performant databases for your applications. In just a few simple clicks, you can deploy a fully managed, load balanced, highly available database cluster for MySQL, MariaDB, or PostgreSQL that delivers performance, uptime, and simplicity.

Top Benefits

Automated Ops by ClusterControl

CCX builds upon ClusterControl, a proven platform for automating and managing highly available MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL deployments. Imagine your own virtual DBA working 24x7 to ensure your clusters are always available and performing optimally, with backup management to safeguard your data.

Advanced Traffic Control

CCX deploys database-aware load balancers to give you full control to route queries on-demand, optimize connections handling, enable throttling and much more. It has the ability to cache queries, making your applications more responsive and providing a better end-user experience.

High Availability

CCX offers highly available deployments for MySQL & MariaDB using multi-master Galera clustering. Features include multiple writable masters, strongly consistent data across servers, seamless scaling and fast failover.




ProxySQL- DB Aware Proxy for MySQL & MariaDB  

ProxySQL is deployed by default with your MySQL and MariaDB Clusters. It provides a single endpoint to the database cluster, enables connection pooling and failover, query routing, and advanced features like query rules and a database firewall.

Automated Backups  

Full database backups are taken daily and incremental backups every 5 minutes, so your data is always available regardless of mishaps or disasters.

Performance Monitoring  

CCX provides an advanced query monitor to uncover slow performing queries and anomalies that affect your application. Thanks to highly granular insights, you will spend less time troubleshooting and tuning query performance, thereby lowering resource costs.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering  

Connect CCX managed database clusters on AWS with your AWS private network without going through the public internet for added security.